Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Center
Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Center: You are welcome here

About the center

The Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Center, a not-for-profit organization serving community-dwelling adults in Kamloops who have received a diagnosis of cancer. Our center engages the patient as a partner in their care through person-centered navigation of the medical system. Every person with cancer who wishes to self manage their physical and mental health will be provided the support they require to do so

About half of all people living in Kamloops will be affected by cancer – either as a patient themselves, or as a caregiver for a friend or family member. Our medical system currently provides excellent care during treatment for cancer, but, as more and more people are surviving cancer, it has become obvious that there is no consistent, ongoing, supportive care for Cancer Survivors. They often feel lost, isolated, and confused as they have to learn how to live with the ongoing side effects of surgery, medication, and trauma.
What is Cancer Supportive Care?
The cancer supportive care center will provide high-quality supportive care founded on the latest, up-to-date research. The Centre will help cancer survivors navigate medical systems and medical records, and direct them to local physical, social and medical support people. Cancer patients have very unique support needs, and a Patient Navigator will provide truly patient-centred care. Research has shown us that cancer survivors live longer, healthier lives when they have access to specialized exercise programs, like dragonboating, yoga, and meditation. Local specialists will provide nutrition, mental health advice, and help with filling out forms for Disability assistance, Employment Insurance, and return-to-work action plans.
Why is ongoing supportive care important?
All the evidence demonstrates that proactive supportive measures improve health outcomes of cancer survivors and reduce the burden on the health care community and other caregivers. When patients thoroughly understand their treatment options, anticipated side effects and disease trajectory, they are better prepared to participate in the decision-making process and feel more in control. This reduces anxiety and depression, pain, and medication use. The Cancer Supportive Care Centre will provide care to the survivor, and reduce the burden on family caregivers and the health care system.